Pha Yant – Yantra design on the cloth medium

For those who have till now busied themselves with the tattooed medium only, i thought i would publish an article on the Science of Thai Sacred geometry of Yant, as applied to the medium of cloth.

Pha Yant is the name of a Yantra design which has been imprinted or drawn upon a piece of linen or other kind of cloth. The Pha Yant has been used for many purposes ranging from a headscarf, handkerchief to a Bucha item on the wall of a shrine or temple. The simple fact that most Pha yant do not need the owner to chant any particular prayers or give any offerings in order to enjoy the benefits of the magic, makes the Pha Yant an obvious choice for those who are very busy, and can be carried for Bucha in many different situations. Pha Yant can feature various pictorial designs and geometric spells ranging from Pure Buddhist, through Brahman and Animist Deities, to outright black magic spells.

Pha Yant Wat Sutat

Most temples issue editions of Pha Yant, and this is, apart from being an object of Faith and magical practices, is also an artistic medium with its own collectors circles that is in no way inferior to the world of stamp collectors or ancient antique collectors.
Appreciated and collected for religious, cultural, historical and artistic reasons, the interest comes from these four main factions.

I myself collect Pha Yant avidly which i hope to make part of the Museum of Yant, for the foundation i plan with its museum will not be limited to tattooed Yantra, rather be completely dedicated to all facets of Thai Buddha magic. The second book on Sacred Yant will also have a large part dedicated to Pha Yant and the various Dtamnan from different Masters and Traditions. I wish to being posting examples of Pha Yant as a gallery on its own page with a description added to each image, for it will be extremely useful in studying and understanding the composition of Sacred Geometry of Yantra.