Tattoo gallery

Here is a compilation Slideshow of Sak yant Tattoos for your enjoyment – this one is the August 2009 slideshow. The idea is to let you see the massiv edifference in handiwork between different Ajarn.. sometimes it is necessary to see both good and bad work in order to tell the difference. I hope you notice this and take note when you go to get your sak yant, and check what the work looks like first. In the moment the best work i am seeing is still coing from Ajarn Thoy, Ajarn Terng, AC Tong, and Ajarn Anek.

Ajarn Lao is also great but still no pics in this slideshow (updates coming soon will be inserted). In Wat bang Pra i find that the best work as far as i am concerned comes from LP Ya, and of course my favourite Master who moved to Wat Koh poon; Hlwong Pi Pant. Ajarn Ord Bunmee’s work is also fantastic (to be inserted soon). There is a thumbnail gallery below the slideshow if you prefer to browse page per page too