The Wicha Sak Yant of Luang Por Guay

Luang Por Guay Wat Kositaram in Yantra Cloth

During the Second World War, as Luang Por Guay returned to reside at Wat Kae and began to make Sak Yant on the Looksit of the temple. It has been documented from interviews with the older generation of Looksit of Wat Kae, some of whom were older than Luang Por himself, with ages of up to 90 years old, that Luang Por began tattooing Sak Yant at the age of around 35 years old up to the age of around 50 years old……

Ajarn Sak in Hat Yai, South Thailand

Ajarn Prasit is an Ajarn Sak of Wat Chang Hai lineage based in Hat Yai, South Thailand. I was lucky enough to find a poster on in Hat Yai as i was rushing to do Penang, but unluckily was not able to find time to visit him, which i hope to do next time i go. For now at least i can publish his Contact details, as well as a picture of the poster i saw, which of course i ripped off the wall as i did not have a camera with me at the time…

Sak Yant website, blog and e-magazine

Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos – The Sacred Geometry of Buddhist Yantra, tattooed into the skin using magical incantations and Khmer Sanskrit prayers and magic spells to endow the wearer with supernatural protection, luck in love and business, wealth and good fortune. Sak Yant has been the core subject of website galleries and blogs/forums since the beginning. But now i wish to expand in indcrease the content and quality of the content to include other topics, such as Saiyasart, Buddha magic, Sacred Amulets and their creation methods, Animist practices..