Na Hnaa Tong

Na Hnaa Tong is of the Maethaa Mahaniyom/Maha Sanaeh family of Na/Yant.
Intended to attract friendly interest, love and compassion – protection From illness is also inflected.
This is often cast as a spell by rubbing gold leaf on the forehead and then blowing the necessary kata into it.
Good for business too — makes you likeable/believable when talking to customers.

Rang Song – Dang Gee – rife in Singapore

In Singapore, both Sak yant and Mediumship has taken off like never before, with a great number of the younger generation now becoming mediums for Devas (Deities) to inhabit them – in Thai this is called “Rang Song”, whereas in Singapore they use the Cantonese name “Dang Gee”. According to the Singapore online News website “Straits Times”, “about seven in 10 practising mediums here are in their 20s and are often blue-collar workers”.