Wai Kroo Ajarn Lao

Ajarn Lao - Sak Yant Master

Ajarn Laos Master Day Ceremony 2010. ??????? ??????? ??? ??????????
I have recieved information saying that Ajarn Lao is celebrating his Wai Kroo ceremony on the 14th of February this year – although i havent been able to confirm this. Ajarn Lao is one of the more elusive Ajarn to find and does not seem to market himself much, resulting in it being difficult to keep tabs on his whereabouts.He is normally pendling between Singapore and Bangkok so it is never sure where he is at any particular time unless you are one of his looksit.

Elektronik Sigara Likit Cesitleri

A collection of photos of the wonderful work of sak yant master tattooist Ajarn Terng Kongton. This master is still relatively young but his work is of fine quality and has a massive following with Thai youth, which is constantly increasing. The gallery will grow as i find and add more pictures to it, so bookmark this post and return to it every now and again to see new pics as the collection grows.