Ajarn Kaew’s Wai Kroo

Ajarn Kaew Jant – Bang Sue, Bangkok

Ajarn Kaew

Enjoy this gallery of images taken at a previous celebration of Ajarn Kaew’s Wai Kroo festival.
His location is soon to be published under the samnak sak section. Ajarn Kaew is a Sak Yant Master emitting the lineage of both Por Gae Ruesi Dta Fai, and Pra Pirab (Bhairab Yaksa). Pra Pirab is also one of the characters with a major role in the Ramakian (Thai Ramayana). Ajarn Kaew is also an accomplished master amulet maker.
Wai Kroo Ajarn Kaew

Ajarn Kaew is one of the most popular Lay Masters of Sak yant in the Thai Community who rever Por Gae – he is also founder of the “Chom Rom Rak Por Gae” (association of Por Gae Lovers). Many of the devotees at Ajarn Thoy’s Samnak can also be seen present at Ajarn Kaew’s Samnak Sak

Sak Yant tattoos by Ajarn Kaew

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