Na Hnaa Tong

Na Hnaa Tong  ( Golden Faced Na), is of the Maethaa Mahaniyom/Maha Sanaeh family of Na/Yant.

Intended to attract friendly interest, love and compassion – protection From illness is also inflected with Na Hnaa Tong.

This is often cast as a spell by rubbing gold leaf on the forehead and then blowing the necessary kata into it.
Good for business too — makes you likeable/believable when talking to customers.


Puttang Saranag Kajchaami (refuge in the Buddha)
Protect into the body of the Buddha

Tammang Sarang Kajchaami (refuge in the Dharma)

(project into the body of Ongk Pra).

Sangkang Saranang Kajchaami (Refuge in the Sangha)

(project into the feet/base of the Ongk Pra).
Whilst inscribing the letters MA A U at the end, chant;

Agkara Ma Bpen agkara Ma (for the Ma)

Agkara A Bpen agkara A (for the A)

Agkara U Bpen agkara U (for the U).

Kata for the Unaalome;

Unaaloemaa Bpana Chaayathae.

After this, chant the following into the Na;

Garaniiya (generosity) Maetthaa (compassion and favour) Garunaa (Mercy) Mutithaa Ubaegkhaa (non attachment/entanglement in matters) Naarii Jaggawadtiraachaa (Jaggawath means empire, raachaa means king or ruler/emperor makes you protected by the lord) Manoejoerang (manoe means mind, joerang means villain – protect from evil doers) Maetthaa Jith-thang Biyang Ma Ma (Biyang means Majestic, Maetthaa Jith-thang means merciful mind/thoughts) Ma Ma is a kind of calling towards oneself (come here)
You can make this na on the forehead with gold leaf, or oil, or you can tattoo it somewhere if you like in ink (but i dont recommend the forehead!).
You can make it on a cake of face powder and use to powder your face with (many ladies of the night do this) If you inscribe it into the powder or when patting your face with it, chant;

Sappae Chanaa Pahuu Chanaa.

Alternatively you can put it on lip gloss (in Thailand you can buy lipgloss made of a waxy substance in a flat round tin/platic lid – this is easy to inscribe the Na onto… modern lipstick is the wrong shape for it to be possible). This Charm is even powerful effect when meeting people in High Social positions.
(this Na was originally published on the 108 Na Section of, which i shall be slowly incorporating into the grimoire, in order to have a uniform website where you can access all information through the same portal)