Yant Asisadti

Yant Asisadti – Kong Grapan Magick Protects Against Weapons

This Sacred Yant is to be inscribed on a parchment or metal plate (*lead, silver, copper, bronze etc), and rolled into a Takrut charm. Should be worn close to you always.

Yant - sacred yantra

Once the Yant is finished you should Invoke the following Kata;

A Si San Thi Ta Nu Jae Wa Sap Pae Thae Aa Wu Taa Ni Ja
Pak Ka Wi Jun Naa Ni Loe Mang Maa Mae Na Pu San Dti

(This Should be chanted 108 times)

I Dti Paa Ra Mi Thaa Thing Saa I Dti Sap Pan Yuu Maa Ka Thaa

I Dti Poe Ti Ma Nub Pba Thoe I Dti Phi Soe Ja Dtae Na Moe

This is also used in many Ajarn’s versions of Yant Ha Taew (five rows/pillars Yantra) Useful it would be to make this yant and chant the Kata on “Wan Sao Haa” (Saturday the Fifth – a sacred Buddhist day considered powerful to make incantations and bless amulets – many amulets are made and blessed on this day).

* 10,000 year old leaden metal,  is considered extremely powerful in Buddhist Amulet making.