Himapant animals

Himapant Animals

The Himapant Animals, and the Phenomenon of “Khong Khuen”

Himapant Animals are Mythical animals from the Himapant forest of India (an ancient Legend). The Animals consist of a whole Pantheon of amazing creatures, such as the ‘Kinnari’ and ‘Kinnorn’ (Half man, half bird – those of you who have visited a Thai Temple may have seen some of these figures guarding the Temple grounds, along with the ‘Yaks’ (Green and red Giants with big teeth).

There are so many different Himapant animals, most of them are mixed together from 2 or 3 different animal types, such as ‘Macchaanu’; Hanuman’s son, born of hanuman the monkey General, and ‘Nang Suwanna Macchaa’, a kind of mermaid. Macchaanu has a monkeys body and face, but posesses the tail of a fish! The Himapant animals represent elemental powers and Boddhisattwas (Compassionate protectors), and thus are considered very powerful as tattoo Magic.

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Yan Tattoos - Tiger tattoo
Yant Suea Koo
Yan - suea awg sueg
Suea Awg Sueg
Yan - Tiger tattoo
Yan - Tiger tattoo
Yant Suea-Pahyong Daech
Yan - Tiger tattoo - Suea Thai Pha
Suea Thai Pha
Yan Suea Daw Hliaw Hlang
Suea Daw Hliaw Hlang
Yan - Leaping Tiger
Leaping Tiger (Suea Paen)
Tiger Yant tattoo
Suea Hliaw Hlang
Leaping Tiger Thai tattoo
Suea Paen (Original Version)
Yan - Leaping Tiger tattoo
Suea Paen noy
Yan suea payong daech
Suea Pyong Daech
Yan - Tiger tattoo small version
Suea Phab Hlak
Yan - Tiger - himapant animal yant
Suea Sum Paad Glorn
Yan - Singh tattoo
Yant Singh Koo
Singh Tong Chay
Yant Singh Thongchay
Gasora singh
Gasora Singh

One phenomenon that is apparently unexplainable about Yant tattoo is ‘Khong Khuen’, a kind of posession, where the tattooee recieves the tattoo of the Himapant animal and upon receiving the ‘Kataa’ (Mantra) blown into his tattoo from the Monk, he then becomes taken over by the spirit of the Himapant animal he recieved as a tattoo.

I have seen this phenomenon many times, and find it to be unexplainable.Some people may fake it i am sure, but some of the cases i have seen are undoubtably authentic. The subject is completely innocent to what happened when he was in trance.

Thais believe that the Himapant animals can rise to protect you in times of danger..but i also believe that they can rise up if you behave wrongly and do not respect the rules of wearing a Yant tattoo.

Anyone wishing to see this phenomenon should visit the Temple on ‘Master Day’ where thousands of disciples throng to pay respects to the deceased Master, Hlwong Por Phern.

Yan - Turtle tattoo

Yant Paya Thao Ruean/Luean

Yan hao Ruean Maha Laap

Paya Thao Ruean Maha Laap

Yan Thao Maha Laap

Yant Thao Maha Laap 2

thaomahalap-small edition

thaomahalapsmall edition

Alligator/crocodile Yant

Yant Thaerawad (Jorakae)

Himapant animal yant - Deer

Gwang Hliaw Hlang

Twin Swan Yant

Yant Hongs Koo

Dragon Yantra tattoo

Mangorn Bang Pay

Yant Pla Hlai Maettha (Eel yantra)

Yant Pla Hlai Maettha

Yant Pla Hlai Phueag Koo Maha Sanaeh

Albino Eels Yant
Pla Hlai Phueag Koo

Eel Yant

Pla Hlai Phueag Maha Sanaeh

Cobra Yan

Yant Jong Ang (Cobra) Sathru Pay

Twin Cobra snake Yant

Yant Ngu Jong Ang Khwai Payong Daech

Gecko Yant

Various Jing Jok (Geckos)

Gecko Yanttras

Various Jing Jok 2(Geckos)

Heavenly Cockerel Yant

Heavenly Cockerel Yant

There is such a massive repertoire of Himapant Animals the list is almost endless. As you can see from the extensive collection we have gathered here on this page. Hese are only a handful in comparison to the number that are to be found in Thai mythology. I hope to publish more examples in the future too.

Yant Hanuman Na Dan

Yant Hanuman Na Dan

Hanuman Exhibiting Power

Yant Hanuman Songrith

Yan Hanuman

Yant Hanuman Chern Tong (waving flag)

Hanuman and Suwannamajchaa

Thaomahalap-small edition

Hanuman Krong Mueang

Yant Hanuman Krong Mueang

Hanuman; Himapant animals

Yant Hanuman ray Monthr

Yant Hanuman Thua haa

Yant Hanuman Thua 5

Hanuman Yantra tattoo

Yant Hanuman Thua 6

Hanuman Yantra tattoo

Yant Hanuman Thua 7

Hanuman 8 Yantra tattoo

Yant Hanuman Thua 8

Hanuman Yantra 9 tattoo

Yant Hanuman Thua 9

Hanumana Watoe Noe A Ma Ma Waa

Yant Hanuman Waeg Badaal

Hanuman carrying Yak's heart

Hanuman carrying a heart of a Yak

Yan Machanu

MachanuSon of Hanuman/Suwannamacha

Yan Khun Krabi

Khun Krabi

Paya Sukrip

Yant Paya Sukrip

Paya Sukrip goes to battle

Yant Sukrip Awg Rob

Himapant Animals bird/tiger

Gabil Phaksa

Hanuman Jab Nakabat
Himapant Animals bird/Yak
Asurn Phaksa
Himapant Animals - Graisorn-Naga

Graisorn Naga

Himapant Animals

Paya Nak (Naga)

Himapant Animals - Bird/Tiger

Graisorn Phaksa

Himapant Animals - Dragons/Snakes


Himapant Animals - Kochasi


Himapant Animals - Garuda/Naga ????????????

Garuda Fights Naga

?????????????? Vishnu - Garuda

Naray Song Krut

Himapant Animals - Gilaen ?????

Gilen Lion Dog

????? ??? Gilen (Lion Dog)

Gilen Phik

Himapant Animals - Kraisorn

Durong Kraisorn

Himapant Animals - Bandu Ratchasi

Bandu Ratchasi

Himapant Creatures - Mermaid

Nang Suwanna Majchaa

Himapant Myths - Khon Thun

Khon Thun

Himapant Animal - Haemarach

Haemarach Sadorn

????????? Himapant Animals fish/elephant

Gunchora Waree

Himapant Animals bird/human

Garuda – Paya Krut

Himapant Animals Horse/Singha

Nge Yen Sai

Himapant Animals - Birds/Eagle

Nok Intsee

Himapant Animals - Bird/Naga

Sagul Haera

Himapant Animals Bird/Singha

Sakul Graisorn

Himapant Animals Rhino/Fish

Saringka Massaya

Himapant Animals deer/bird/snake/man/tiger


Himapant Animals - Lion Dogs/Horses

Tothae Pussadorn

Himapant Animals bird/horse Himapant Myths - Khon Thun

Khon Thun

Himapant Animal - Haemarach

Haemarach Sadorn