Yant Paed Tidt

Paed Tidt – 8 directional Yant

108 Yant designs - Paed Tidt

This version of the Yant Paed Tidt is the one created by Luang Por Phern of Wat Bang Pra

The Kata is written in a circle around the centre of the Yant,and reads as follows;

I Ra Chaa Ka Tha Ra Saa

Thi Hang Ja Thoe Roe Ti Nang

Bi Sam Ra Loe Bu Sath Put

Soe Maa Na Ga Ri Taa Toe

Pa Sam Sam Wich Sa Tae Pa

Ka Put Ban Tuu Tam Wa Ka

Waa Toe Noe A Ma Ma Waa

A Wich Su Nuch Saa Nuth Thi

you will also be able to recognise the kata ithibisoe if you know about Yant Grao Paetch (Diamond Armour Yantra)
It is representative of the 8 directions of the Universe and has a kata to protect you in each direction you may travel in.
Anyone interested in learning to make Yant magic and Kata spells (plus wishing to receive blessings) should practise this kata as often as possible .

I RA CHA KA THA RA SAA (chant when travelling to the east – also chant and blow into your food for protection against illness/danger)
THI HANG JA THOE ROE THI NANG (chant when travelling Southeast)
BI SAM RA LOE BU SATH PUT (chant when travelling south )
SOE MAA NA GA RI TAA TOE (chant when travelling Southwest)
PA SAM SAM WI SA TAE PA (chant when travelling West)
KA PUT BAN TUU TAM WA KA (chant when travelling Northwest)
WAA TOE NOE A MA MA WAA (chant when travelling North)
A WICH SU NUCH SAA NU THI (chant when travelling Northeast)

Heart of Ithibisoe Mantra (Kata) is;
here is the analysis of how it is related to Idtibisoe;
A – means Arahang
Sam – means Sammaa Samputtoe
Wich – means Wichaa Jarana Sambanoe
Su – means Sukathoe
Loe – means Loekawituu Anutharoe
Bu – means Burisa Tamma Saarati
Sa – means Sattaa Taewa Manussanang
Pu – means Puttoe
Pa – means Pakawaathi

Yant Paed Tidt with Tiger in Center

Yant Paed Tidt with Tiger in Center