Let’s help Hlwong Dta Liam

Help HP Liam to build a free food hall for the poor in Tambon Saluy, near Chumporn

I would like to raise a call for help for the most selfless and kind hearted Bhikkhu Hlwong Dta Liam, abbot of Wat Suan Manee Sapt in Chumporn, Thailand. Hlwong Dta Liam is perhaps the most selfless Bhikkhu i have ever met, he is knee deep in debt for trying to finish building a food hall for local poor people to come and eat for free every day.. he made a collection of extremely rare and powerfuyl amulets, but refuses to “rent” them (rent is used as a substitute for the word “sell” in Thailand, as Amulets are seen as not belonging to anyone so you can only “rent” them).

Anyhow to keep to the point, Hlwong Dta Liam does not believe in selling amulets, they are free for anyone who visits the temple to go under the Buddha statue in the chapel and take however many they want. Thes amulets are the kind that most temples will sell for about 20 euros upwards, and in shops about 100 euros. He still prefers to battle with debts in preference to selling the amulets. This monk is completely selfless, and sticks to his principle of practising Dhana.

Please anyone who can help him with a small donation towards building the free food hall, you will most certainly receive the greatest merits if you can make a contribution to him.
As for me i travel next week there to help mixing cement and also to oversee that the workers are doing the job properly – He was in hospital last month (he is 73 years old) with an artery broke in his brain and blood came out of his ears, because of the amount of strain he is putting on himself in his rush to get the food hall finished. He worries that he will die before finishing his promise to hbuild the food hall.
He is 500 thousand baht in debt still thats about 10 thousand euros. I know we cant raise that kind of money but every dollar helps so even if you can only spare one dollar that is enough and better than nothing. Just a dollar each from those of you who wish to practise some dhana .
Here are the Bank details. After i am present at the temple i will also be able to offer sending amulets from the temple for anyone wishing to make a half decent donation. there were only three begging bowls full of thyese amulets made, so for those of you who are familiar with Thai Buddhist Amulets, oyu will be aware of their eventual high value also. The Amulet has Luang Por Tuad on the front and Luang Por Piak on the Back the fron has a Ghata with na Moe Poetisattoe Aakantimaya” on it (LP Tuad’s Ghata) and the back has “Udtang Adtoe” (gunstopper Ghata from LP Piak).

Here is the Bank info;

Pra Atigarn Liam Catamaloe, Wad Suan Manee Sapt temple,
Moo 7 Thambon Saluy, Ampher Ta Sae, Chumporn Province.
Bank info;
Government Savings Bank (Tonakarn Awm Sin), 244 Moo 16 Petchagasem road
Ta Sae branch, Chumporn 86140